When I was a teenager I already loved women, but I could not understand them, and I felt so many things when I was around them, such as fear and insecurities. Back then I didn’t know how to handle this, so I did it the ”cool” way and I played an avoidance game. Ignoring girls, not talking to them, protecting myself from the possible rejection.

I did not talk to girls, I did not connect with them, no contact with girls at all. But I loved them, I was a silent admirer of all the beauty in the world.

Years past by, and more and more I started thinking that this love I have for gorgeous women is just something that will never be expressed, no girl will ever experience my love the way I wanted. It was only for in the movies or a few guys out there, but it was definitely not going to be for me.

I would probably get married pretty fast and stay with her for the rest of my life. Not from a choice of love but from a choice of comfort. I felt shit with this thought in the back of my mind. How could I just get a relationship on such a young age and stay with her together for the rest of my life? Not even enjoying my 20s meeting and having fun all over the world?

I wanted to express my love to women, to beautiful, smart, fascinating women. That’s what I wanted.

It was time to change and learn how to express myself, express my deep desire to spend my time with beautiful women. I made a conscious decision I would start expressing myself always how I feel towards women in an honest way.

So to end this short post with an answer on my question in the headline, why I wanted to become good with women? BECAUSE I FUCKING LOVE BEAUTIFUL WOMEN.

Thank you for reading and see you soon!