The moment you want to change something in your dating life, it’s only a matter of time until you bump into a book named “The Game” written by a successful writer called Neil Strauss.

For those who don’t know who Neil Strauss is and don’t know “The Game”, I’ll give you a high five! Whether or not I tell you that you shouldn’t read this book, I’m sure you’ll get even more curious and read it anyway (I would do the same thing).

Neil Strauss is a guy who delved into the Pua community and transformed himself from zero into a hero. Originally looking like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons, he turned into an 8ball, shining, self actualized, confident man. Not going to go too much in-depth here, but it all comes down to that he had to deal with a lot of issues after his magical self-development pua journey.

When I first heard about this book and the techniques these guys were using, I couldn’t wait to get a copy of this book. After I bought several other dating books where they explain it in a wishy washy manner how to connect and attract girls, I honestly thought “This book is going to give me all the answers. So I searched to see if these guys existed in real life, which they did.

Still not happy with my results and the fear that was blocking me all the time, I bought myself a  copy of “The Game”. On an entertainment level this book was top notch, especially because Neil was so honest about his interactions and I could relate to his feelings. If you Google his name you can still find a picture of how he looked before. I had to have respect for his dramatic transformation.  The feeling I got was “If this weirdo can do this and make such a huge transformation, I can do this too!”

The only problem the this whole book is the FUCKING techniques, routines, structures that were explained throughout this book. If you’re coming from a fear based place and you see guys, who seem to have all the answers, explaining in detail, in a very logical way how to attract the hottest girls, with something you can memorize in your head, then you’re very easily sold as a guy who prefers logical and rational over emotional and feelings. Backed up with entertaining “infield” videos, that let you see how to get in Walhalla of the pick up paradigm.

Like many of you, I too was hooked watching these videos. Coming home from an awful night, trying everything in the book or what was in the videos, I thought it was one of these nights again. Feeling terrible and watching the videos was good instant gratification on getting the emotions I wanted, but I didn’t know I was actually running away from them.

The #1 reason I’m actually writing this article is because of the most commonly asked important question in the community “How Long Are You Already In The Game?!”, where my answer will always be the same, probably since my mother had to chase me from the moment I could walk and started chasing after girls.

Let’s be honest here. This question sounds so stupid and it hurts every time I hear it. How can one be in a book as soon as one reads it? How long have you been in “Models” or “How long have you been in “The way of the superior man?” As long as you keep looking at it, as Neil Strauss did, you will keep blocking yourself.

When you’re out of your head and in your body, you’re not thinking about whether or not it’s an APPROACH, you are talking to SETS, you have to AMOG the guy who’s in the group, there is just a natural flow that’s occurring, which feels pleasant for the both of you.

It is a great book and there it stops. Same as Fifty Shades of Grey is a great book. Does this means we should all go paint our guest room red and hang it full of S&M stuff to beat the shit out of all the girls we’re going to meet? No, we don’t. You only need to do that when you control with FEAR, not when you’re operating out of LOVE and ACCEPTANCE. Let fear go and go on with your life and put that book back in the shelf, and thinkof it as entertainment.. Nothing more and nothing less.

And please don’t ask that @#&2@& question how long someone is in The Game! You can’t be IN or OUT of it, voila. Next time when someone asks you this, tell them Mr Krane said it! I will  take the blame, don’t worry.

Just forget about the book and make your own book in real life. Make your own story. One that suits you and is real for you. Don’t hold back, and whatever happens accept it. That will be far greater than thousands of guys trying to copy silly techniques from a bestseller.



There are a couple of things that will happen once you start your own story and put The Game back on the shelf.

First, you will start to stop avoiding your feelings arising. It’s easier to try something a guy says he does and then you apply that. But it’s not you fully expressing yourself, so it’s easier for your EGO to accept that. Go be FULLY yourself and then see what happens and FEEL what happens. Ok, it will be a bit harder at the beginning. In the long run you will be that self-actualized, confident man you wanted to become and not the manipulated self-avoiding dude who becomes skilled at acting certain roles.

You will also slowly heal from whatever pain you need to heal from. You can use techniques and become a great actor who manipulates women into his bed. But you’ll soon realize he is always trying to fill up the emotional gap. He’s never satisfied. A social robot who’s always on the look for pussy. That’s fear-based interacting with people, not interacting in a loving, respectful way.

You’ll also realize you don’t have to NEGG a girl to sleep with YOU. No need to focus on giving her so-called emotional spikes. Get comfortable saying what’s on your mind and act upon that. Even if that is that she makes you horny with her feminine sexual vibe and you want to fuck her. They can handle it if it comes from a congruent, honest place without any attachment to the outcome. You’ll become fully grounded in your own masculine sexual energy and you’ll enjoy expressing that to the opposite sex. Not hiding from it. If you start NOW, the faster you’ll feel liberated. There’s no better feeling then letting go of all the pressure about what you should or shouldn’t do.

Don’t become the best fake manipulating version, become the real, TRUE version of yourself that’s dying to get to the surface, if you only choose to let it.

How long have you been…your TRUE version?!