Personal coaching by Skype

Skype has proven to be a very useful tool coaching wise. If you’re willing to put in the effort to TRANSFORM your life but can’t make it to any country where I’m currently at, then this way of coaching is for you.

Before you or I decide if this way of coaching is something that can actually help you, we have a FREE Skype call for 15 minutes beforehand. This way we can see if we both match and I can see if YOU really are willing to dedicate yourself to do whatever I say so this transformation can actually take place, otherwise we’re both wasting our time.

Quick questions related to your Skype coaching can always be asked over Facebook and I will be glad to answer them.

I’ll be there for you every step of your internal transformation and show you how EFFORTLESSLY you can attract the women of your dreams, guide you with your dates, text messages over phone/Facebook/Tinder.

You can reach me at any time. I can give immediate feedback with whatever it is that you’re struggling with. Topics such as women/sexuality/meditation/internal issues/(heavy)breakups etc are all discussed.

What can you expect from a Skype talk with me?

  • 60-90 minutes of coaching where you can ask me anything about topic dating and lifestyle. After each session I’ll give you practical homework and internal stuff to work on.
  • There will be no structure as every individual is different and I can’t know beforehand what you need. Everyone is different and so it differs on the advice given.
  • If you want, I’ll send you a copy of our recorded talk so you can watch it later as many times as you want to.

Now make that commitment to yourself and start transforming your life for the better. Make an appointment and click the “BOOK NOW” button.