One of the latest questions I received was: “How long did it take me to figure the system out?” There are some subtle other questions/thoughts underlying this question. One underlying question being ” have you found a magic pill?!” So I can tell him the secret.

Don’t be a lazy motherf#1@çr and think you can cheat this. Yes, you’re going to struggle. Yes, there will be ups and downs.  No, you will not die. Face it.. and deal with it.

The other underlying question is : “How long will it take to actually get in alignment with yourself?!” (In order to get more girls in your life.)

First of all, the illusion that there would be a system to beat is why you’re struggling in the first place.

You don’t need to crack some code. There is no code to crack. Once you fully understand that and accept it, you will start growing towards becoming a self-actualized man.

Just imagine that there was a system and one of us CRACKED the CODE. We made a blueprint and sold millions of copies to other men. Now that the secret is out of the bag, every girl is within our reach. How long would it take until we are bored shitless? Maybe for some this sounds like heaven, but trust me, you will get fucking bored and start to feel empty inside after that next girl you got, by figuring out the SYSTEM.

Also imagine for a second how it would be if every girl would act, feel, think and respond…all in the same way, like the illusionary SYSTEM was designed. Sounds pretty boring if you ask me.

“Be OK with not winning over every girl.”


The STRONG feelings you feel when you get a NO will also manifest in the same STRONG feelings when another girl you REALLY like says YES.


Yes it takes TIME! 

“Secondly how long it will take for you to get in alignment with yourself is differently for all of us”

Everything takes time. So does our journey of self-discovery. There are no HACKS or SHORT-CUTS. Everyone has to deal with his own problems and how long that takes is different for each of us. That’s the beauty of it. Struggle, hustle, explore and struggle some more until you finally overcome some of the obstacles you’ve been facing for many years.

Emotional Rollercoaster

I still remember the first year I actually made a commitment to change myself, to communicate better with girls. My emotions fluctuated so much that it was easy to just give up.

One day feeling like Casanova, then the next feeling like a character in Revenge of the Nerds.

Giving up however was not the solution. I was going to figure out, one way or another, why I felt the way I did. It all came down to accepting and letting go of a desired outcome. My success now rests on me taking action and expressing myself, which feels good to me. Then I will see how I feel when I’m talking to her. If we both like each other…GREAT! If we don’t, it’s also fine. The fact that I acted upon my own desires of meeting that girl is more then enough. That’s what I can control. All the rest is out of my control, which I fully accept.

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